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Discover The Power of Circle

An informal evening of connection, exploration and insight.

If You’re Curious About The Power of Circle…

Our live events are now over but you can register for the replay below and be notified of upcoming our next live events.




If you’re curious in anyway about the Power of Circle, you’re very welcome to join us for a free, informal evening to discover more about our Circle Leader Trainings and how they might just be the perfect resource to up-lift and guide your personal and professional journey of transformation this year – no matter where you are on your path.

We understand that committing to any in depth learning journey is an important decision and needs a full hearted ‘yes’. That’s why we’re offering you this opportunity to ‘tune in’ a little more and discover what feels right for you at this moment in your life. You’ll get a little taste of who we are and why we’re so passionate about Rising Connected. 


With this in mind, we’ve created a choice of two informal evenings as a chance for you to:

  • Spend time with Joey Walters and Karen Mellers – co-directors of Rising Connected – to learn more about who we are as a community and what we stand for.
  • Hear the personal experiences of a number of past students who have walked this path already and who will be supporting you on your journey if you join us.
  • Find out more about our vision of Community, why we are so passionate about teaching women to hold space in Circle and what we are offering to enable this.
  • Connect with others who are exploring with you and have a little taste of our work with a gentle practice on ‘the Power of Witnessing’.

You’ll also learn:

  • How hosting and leading Circles of your own can grow your business and your feminine leadership.
  • How joining this training journey and being part of the Community will enhance and support your own transformational journey as a feminine leader.
  • What we really mean by The Power of Circle and what differentiates our Circle work from other forms.

The Power of Circle is for you if…


  • You are a purpose-inspired coach, healer, therapist, teacher or change leader of some kind in your business or organisation – or you aspire to be.
  • You’ve had enough of working alone and you’d love to be part of an intimate, like- minded community of dedicated women healers and change leaders, with whom you can share your journey of feminine awakening and leadership.
  • You’re giving a lot of yourself – helping and ‘holding space’ for others, and you need a trusted space to be held yourself, so you can deepen your personal healing journey and make an impact from your own sustainable wellbeing.
  • You’d love to learn or expand your capacity to hold a safe, transformative space in Circle, helping other women to discover their authentic voice, heal from the conditioning of their past and step into feminine leadership.
  • You feel inspired to grow your business or practice by creating or up-levelling the offerings you bring to women or clients who are in need of deeper support, connection and inspiration.


  • You’d love to strengthen your clients’ transformative results by holding an empowering Circle space for them to deepen and integrate their work with you.
  • You want to grow your capacity to hold a safe, authentic group or meeting space (for any gender) by applying ‘Circle Wisdom’ particularly where emotions can feel overwhelming, diversity is undervalued and wellbeing is often overlooked.
  • You want to grow confidence in your authentic voice and wisdom as a feminine leader and step into your unique purpose and contribution.


The Rising Connected community supports the dismantling of systemic racism. We welcome all women, non-binary people in a female body and transgender women of all ages, ethnicities, beliefs, sexual orientations and religious backgrounds. We are in an important learning process in relation to inclusivity in our community and welcome your questions and support in relation to fully inclusive processes. Please contact to explore further or speak to your Circle Leader if you have received a personal invitation.