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The Power of Circle

Level 1 – Foundation Training

The Circle of 8 Agreements

Grow Your Personal + Professional Capacity

12 Week Online Training Journey
Begins 20th April 2023 – Ends 6th July, 2023. 5-7pm GMT. Via Zoom.

This experiential journey introduces The Circle of 8 Agreements – the foundation for creating a safe, sacred and transformative space in Circle.

During this 12 week learning journey, you’ll grow your inner capacity as a feminine leader whilst learning to hold intimate Circle gatherings in your community, business or organisation using The Circle of 8 Agreements as your foundation.

Together we’ll take a deep dive into exploring the ‘core power’ and principle in each of these agreements, how they show up in you and your life as your ‘Inner Circle’, and how they show up in Circle space.

In this personal enquiry we will engage together in specific contemplations

and practices developed by Rising Connected founder, Joey Walters, that will grow your capacity to hold space for yourself and others.

Key to our enquiry is exploring how the distortion of these core powers shows up in ‘shadow’ – within yourself and others. We will explore how these distortions can affect the Circle space, thus growing your awareness of how to meet the ‘learning edges’ that can arise in Circle and hold a safe and inspiring container for learning and transformation. 

This 12 week journey is ideal if you recognise that your capacity to hold others is dependent on your own transformation and you’re feeling called to deepen both your personal journey and professional capacity within a community of like minded women to share the journey with.

How You’ll Benefit

Learning in the larger group with Joey as well as in your own, nurturing Practice Circle with an experienced guide, you will:

  • Discover The Circle of 8 Agreements and explore how they relate to and support your own transformational journey as a feminine leader.
  • Learn through practice how to apply the 8 Agreements in Circle and why they form the foundation of holding safe, transformative space.
  • Grow your capacity and confidence to hold more intimate Circle gatherings for women (or others you’re called to serve) in your life, business, community or organisation.
  • Strengthen your understanding and practice of Circle process and how the 8 Agreements support this.


  • Understand where and how ‘distorted power’ shows up in you, in others and in Circle and how to work with The 8 Agreements to welcome and transform it.
  • Explore the opportunities that using the 8 Agreements as your foundation could bring, which may include growing your business, your practice or your leadership by holding one off or regular Circle gatherings.
  • Be supported in a warm, intimate and inspiring learning environment with other peers on the path with you.

How It Works

Even if you are new to holding space but your heart is calling you to Circle both for yourself and/or because you’re inspired to work with others in Circle or groups, then we’d love you to join us.

We’ll meet weekly on Zoom.

During this time we’ll meet as a whole community Circle with Joey and your Circle Leader who will also be supporting you in enquiry and practice circles.

In between each online teaching module we’ll invite you to take time in contemplation with the Agreement we are exploring together and work with powerful inquiry practices to integrate your learning experience. 



You’ll Receive: 

  • 12 x 2 hour weekly live sessions incl. teaching, personal enquiry, circle practice and reflective learning
  • 12 x Optional review classes for integration and catch up (helpful for anyone missing the live session)
  • Online private community forum to access programme content, connect with others and receive support from your Circle leader and weekly Q & A with Joey
  • Access to all replays within the community forum
  • Lifetime access to additional learning support materials and teaching replays



Our regular Circle spaces and journey through the 8 Agreements has been a beautiful feminine journey of growing my self expression and authenticity. It’s been a way of new nurture and learning in my own well-being. Now with acceptance too of myself and in my 25 years practising Massage therapies and teaching yoga – I feel that in my transformation (still ongoing) I have the confidence and courage to use my skills in holding space for other women in Circle, groups and in 1-1 coaching.
Amanda Bucher
Yoga Teacher, Massage Practitioner and Transformative Coach
My trust has grown exponentially, in myself, in the process and in each and every circle. I could never have imagined the richness that being part of a circle could bring to me personally and the effect it has had on my life. To have a place where I can be absolutely authentic and to express how I feel, however that might be, is medicine for the soul. 
Rachael Halliday
Transformation Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Wellbeing Advisor
“The practice of being in circle and holding myself in the centre of The 8 agreements is really healing for me.”
Sarah Mook
Relational Life Coach
This Circle gave me real sustenance, a more intimate connection with others and Life, and all the guidance I needed to make sense of my leadership journey. There is so much love, vulnerability and integrity in these circles, that one can’t help but take that power out into the world.
Sarah Stout
Counselor and Transformative Coach
Joey is able to create a deep trust within the group and the sharing is intense and beautiful, echoing what feels like ancient wisdom, and freakily synchronistic… I often hear people speak the exact words I’m feeling. I love how Joey pauses, maybe asking a question or two, to help us remain rooted and present. In those moments it feels that I witness the healing actually taking place. 
Jo Royale
Interfaith Minister
One of the greatest realisations was finding out most of my fears and distortions are similar to everyone else’s. This, along with the authentic connections (& friendships made) has helped me to feel more confident in finding my voice & speaking my truth. Being in a safe space with like-minded souls and feeling supported with no judgement makes connecting in circles very special.
Karen Hutton
If you are considering the next stage of your own journey, I would highly recommend this programme as an invaluable source of support and nourishment. Invest in yourself – create the space and prepare to dive in and dive deep!
Helen Bailey
It is hard to describe how much this journey has given me, in confidence and a new ability to connect with people. It has healed many old wounds I have been carrying for so long and I feel full of energy for my personal and professional lives. If you have a chance to join this course it is life changing.
Ali Ward

How To Book Your Place

The Power of Circle – Level 1 Foundation

A 12 Week Online Journey + optional residential retreat. Begins 20th April 2023 – Ends 6th July, 2023. 5-7pm GMT. Via Zoom.

This programme is open to all to attend, though we invite you to attend our introductory programme first either live or with access to replays. We therefore offer the choice between two ‘bundles’ as follows:





If you are unable to participate in the introductory programme live and you’d still like to join the Level 1 programme, you can register for both now and receive the teaching replays for the introduction.

PRICE FOR LEVEL 1 FOUNDATION PROGRAMME which includes attending the Introduction programme live and/or receiving the replays £1100
full payment can be made at the time of booking or payment plan option available (see registration form for details).




Register here To Reserve Your Place or contact us if you have any questions at


To Reserve Your Place – Register Below

Please click this link which will take you to our online registration form.
You will then receive the appropriate payment link via email.

Please contact us if you have any questions at

The Power of Circle is for you if…


  • You are a purpose-inspired coach, healer, therapist, teacher or change leader of some kind in your business or organisation – or you aspire to be.
  • You’ve had enough of working alone and you’d love to be part of an intimate, like- minded community of dedicated women healers and change leaders, with whom you can share your journey of feminine awakening and leadership.
  • You’re giving a lot of yourself – helping and ‘holding space’ for others, and you need a trusted space to be held yourself, so you can deepen your personal healing journey and make an impact from your own sustainable wellbeing.
  • You’d love to learn or expand your capacity to hold a safe, transformative space in Circle, helping other women to discover their authentic voice, heal from the conditioning of their past and step into feminine leadership.
  • You feel inspired to grow your business or practice by creating or up-levelling the offerings you bring to women or clients who are in need of deeper support, connection and inspiration.


  • You’d love to strengthen your clients’ transformative results by holding an empowering Circle space for them to deepen and integrate their work with you.
  • You want to grow your capacity to hold a safe, authentic group or meeting space (for any gender) by applying ‘Circle Wisdom’ particularly where emotions can feel overwhelming, diversity is undervalued and wellbeing is often overlooked.
  • You want to grow confidence in your authentic voice and wisdom as a feminine leader and step into your unique purpose and contribution.


The Rising Connected community supports the dismantling of systemic racism. We welcome all women, non-binary people in a female body and transgender women of all ages, ethnicities, beliefs, sexual orientations and religious backgrounds. We are in an important learning process in relation to inclusivity in our community and welcome your questions and support in relation to fully inclusive processes. Please contact to explore further or speak to your Circle Leader if you have received a personal invitation.

Your Programme Guides

Supporting your personal and professional journey

The core teaching elements will be guided by Joey Walters, founder of Rising Connected, supported by a number of experienced Circle Leaders who have trained with Joey in holding space and who have stepped forward to gather and support and guide their own Circle within the programme. This is a new and exciting collaborative approach for us and we look forward to creating a powerful space for warm community connection between us all.

Click here to find our more about our programme guides.