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Rising Connected – The Invitation

If ever there were a time when the beauty, wisdom and fierce love of feminine wisdom was needed on this planet, that time is now. A global pandemic, relentless wars, swathes of uprooted refugees, nutrient diminishing food supplies and all occurring within a profoundly beautiful eco-system that is being systematically destroyed by our collective disconnection to our home – Mother Earth.

It’s not a pretty picture to behold if we look truthfully at the collective pain we are in. We are living in an out of control, masculine-dominated culture of disconnection – disconnection to ourselves, to the sacredness of life around us and disconnection to one another. 

I’m not suggesting that the masculine principle and power is inherently wrong. Far from it. More than ever we need masculine energy to structure and manifest new ways of living on this good earth. The problem is not the presence of healthy masculine wisdom, it’s the lack of connection and balance with the healthy feminine. Feminine wisdom is not just about a nice soft balance of love and compassion, though that is a good start. It’s a fierce and deeply rooted relationship to the source and force of life itself that gives us a sense of our true identity, meaning and direction. Without it we are steering a boat without an udder, lost in high seas with no compass or star light.

We then wonder why we have the feeling something essential is missing from our lives as we continue to build our futures on the flawed foundations of our past. More and more people are waking up to feeling empty and confused about the promise that our civilised society has made to us: Happiness will be found in the power, money and possessions you accumulate in your life – by how many likes and friends to accumulate on facebook. It’s a sham as this is not even a true happiness of the heart. It’s a pseudo happiness that is based on the promise of a secure life. It’s a trap that we have fallen into that strips us of the vital life force of our authentic humanity, a humanity that doesn’t need to value money or status as the Gods of prosperity because it already values the freedom to be and express the full potential of our humanity in service to the evolution of life. God is simply in the Goodness of life everywhere – starting from within.

This is what feminine wisdom calls us to discover in ourselves. It’s not about gender difference or roles though that perhaps plays a part in the recalibration of our culture. It’s essentially about realising a holy marriage within in ourselves that gives us the power to create healthy life around us a mirror of healthy life within. It’s the healthy feminine connection to life within that naturally enables healthy action without. We cannot find our aliveness in the security of our limitations, only in daring to break free from the shackles of our fear to discover and reclaim the full spectrum of our being and belonging to life. 

The good news, I believe, is that that the 2020 pandemic – a force of nature that has created a life threat for almost every human on the planet and caused a loss of life for many whether through virus or the many tendrils of it’s impact – has exponentially sped up the awakening of our collective consciousness as a human race. It has helped us to see more clearly the fear of death that shrouds our every move in life. Though some have been taken further into the grip and control of this fear, others have realised it is time to let go and let live. Neither way is right or wrong. Both are simply the next step for each individual on the Soul’s path of awakening. 

If you are reading this article (which is in fact part of the introduction to my upcoming book), whether you know it or not and whether through the pandemic or some other catalyst, it’s likely that you have chosen to let go and let live. You are not alone on our quest for freedom and in the history of suffering you have experienced in the maya of fear we have all been caught in. You are a being of immense power and beauty and it is time to reclaim this knowing in yourself. 

Anais Nin said: “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.

You have chosen to blossom. I honour you. Thank you for joining me on this quest for freedom – on this quest to rediscover and reclaim the beautiful feminine being that you are, so that you can bring that light and wisdom into the world and help to heal the deep wounds of our inner war and birth the healthy masculine on our planet. Let’s do this together. Welcome to Rising Connected.